Day of availability randomly lengthened

So I sold an Item on eBay a few days ago to be exact on the 8th of February. I knew there was a hold, but I figured it would be removed once the buyer left positive feedback. The buyer did, two days later no release. HE gave me positive feedback the second the item was delivered which has also been three days since. When I check my funds availability date earlier this morning it said “Available on February 18 2016” which is today, however now going back to look at it, it now says “Available on February 29 2016.” Why the sudden increase. The thing that gets me is on the eBay website it says my availability will be February 19 2016. Considering I need the money by 5 days I have no clue what I’m supposed to do. This system in my opinion is honestly a way for PayPal to make interest of our money…

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