Paypal refund to Virtual Visa Debit

Good afternoon, folks!

So here is the breakdown of my issue:
About 3 weeks ago I purchased a computer component from a reputable seller on eBay. I payed for the item with my Virtual Visa Debit, which links directly to my chequing account at my bank. This card acts as a “credit card”, but only if the funds are available in my chequing account to debit. So essentially it is debit but with a credit card compatible number.

Unfortunately due to some damage that occured during it’s journey through our lovely postal system the item arrived damaged. The seller promptly issued me a full refund. I received a statement from Paypal stating the refund had been issued directly back to my Visa Debit, which SHOULD have meant that the money went right back into my chequing account, however no funds have yet arrived. Here is a breakdown of the confirmation I received from Paypal:

Refunded to VISA x-6668
You’ll see “PAYPAL *HARDCORESHI HAR” on your card statement.
Exchange rate $113.98 USD = $162.77 
CAD 1 US Dollar = 1.43 Canadian Dollar
Transaction ID 5K549362S4659145B


My question is: Has something gone awry here or is there just some superfluos waiting period here? If there is a waiting period, how long am I looking at and why isn’t this information posted anywhere? This refund was issued 2 days ago and I have been scouring the web for an answer to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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