Unable to withdraw, Paypal asking for my bank account



Does anyone else have this problem? Been using Paypal since 2010 to get funds from my clients. Recently, Paypal is requiring to link a bank account in order to withdraw funds from my Paypal account. I have a linked credit card to my paypal account that I used for years to withdraw cash until this day. 


I just wonder why Paypal demands a linked bank account if a linked credit card has been working fine.  The last withdrawal I did was just Feb 7 2016 and it went fine. I have difficulty securing funds to create a bank account (I am from the Philippines) and Paypal was the only way I can get my wages. Also, majority of the banks in my effed country is UNABLE to link to Paypal.


I am at loss and please someone help. 


Can anyone enlighten me on what is happening? I hope someone from Paypal will reply on why they want a linked bank account when a linked credit card worked fine for years. I did not receive even a notice nor a quick response through email.


Thanks for your thoughtful responses, it is greatly appreciated.

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