Why does Paypal no longer ask for source of funding payment

I realize Paypal has become a huge source of fraud internally by accessing users’ bank accounts without quthorization.


FOr this reason, I keep a very small amount of money in the bank account they know ablut.


In the past, whenever I wanted to pay for something using Paypal, I was aked to specify the source of funding. Because I do not trust Paypal, I would always choose a one time use credit card only authorized for the exact amount of the transaction.


Today, I tried to purchase something and was not asked where the money should come from. Instead Paypal is triying to debit my bank account. This is clearly another example of the fraud that Paypal engages in.


How do other users deal with this issue? Is there a way to force Paypal to explicitly ask, for every transaction, the source of funding for that transaction?



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