Payment pending to an old seller?

Hi Everyone, I been selling on eBay for 4 years now. When I first started, eBay/Paypal would hold on to my funds for a while before they released them. This happened for the first month or 2, and haven’t happened until today.


I sold about 150 items last year, and my selling pattern has not changed. I always have verified tracking within one business day, and always wait until after my buyer received their item to transfer funds out of my Paypal account. I have 100% positive feed back, I do get occasional returns, but I have no unresolved cases. In fact, 3 buyers left glowing feedback today.


Out of no where, the funds for the item I sold today shows up as pending. It’s not an expensive item. I had enough balance in Paypal to cover the item 6x. It sounds like they will hold on to my funds for 21 days unless buyer leaves feedback early. I already uploaded the tracking for the item, and plan to ship it out tomorrow morning. 


I am curious whether all my funds will be held now for 21 days? am I doing something wrong? Is my account in trouble? What’s prompting Paypal to do this? Anyone know?

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