Cannot validate either bank account or card.

It is really getting on my nerves already. I linked my card to paypal – requesting a paypal code related to a 1.50 euro transaction that has been done on it. After doing that, i’ve also linked the bank account ‘related’ to the same card using IBAN.

WHAT BOTHERS ME is that when i try to VALIDATE the card linked to paypal, it says there was a 1.5EURO transaction on 9/03/2016 which is yesterday, but there is no such transaction in my card’s transaction history.

The only transaction related to paypal i can see is a 0.01 EUR transaction DONE ON 10/03/2016, TODAY. I tried to enter the 4 digits code to verify the card, but it doesn’t work. I believe that 0.01EUR on 10/03/2016 is related to bank account verification, right ? THEN MY QUESTION is why i am not able to verify the bank account ? There is no thing as a notification regarding that, and also when i go @my money -> Bank account -> this is shown up, but even though it is UNCONFIRMED, i cant confirm it in any way. 

This is the last transaction i’ll be ever doing on paypal, this is just very wrong, such a big head ache only for withdrawing 20 euros ? Hope this matter will be solved as fast as possible.

“Bank:Banca Comerciala Romana S.A.




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