Problem with ebay gift card refund Help????!!!???

Hello Everyone,


     Not sure if anyone else has ran into this problem or not if so please list how you resolved!!! Ok so I bought a camera on 3/10/2016 for $1899.00, with (2) $500 eBay gift cards and the other $899 out of my bank account. The seller refunded my money the same night because he wanted to deal outside of eBay!


     So as of today 3/19/2016 the $899.00 out of my bank account was refunded into my PayPal account great! But the two gift cards were supposed to be refunded back to the gift cards supposedly on 3-11-2016, as of today checking though eBay both cards have a $0 balance, same with calling in also, so as of right now i am missing $1000.00!!!!


    In the last few days I’ve spent over 10 hours talking to PayPal and eBay getting transferred back and forth back and forth, multiple supervisors and they keep putting the blame on the other company. No one knows where my $1000 is!!!


    I’m feeling that I may have to get a lawyer involved to get my money back! Has anyone else have this same issue???



Please help!


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