My bank sent a new card with a chip… what if I get a refund from a paypal purchase?

I don’t know if the number will be the same. Let’s assume it’s not the same, because otherwise it is a non-issue for now. 


I may not need a refund, which is why I do not yet know and can’t go ahead and do it before activating the new card. 


Most of the purchases are from ebay sellers in China. It may take another month for all the remaining items to get here. So far, I have gotten a couple partial refunds (out of numerous low-price purchases) due to wrong color and a broken stone in one item. It was not really a problem and went right back on my bank card. I have no way of knowing if it’s going to happen again, but it very well could and we all know it is not cost effecient to return and exchange very low priced items from China. It’s easer to get a refund.

Another purchase is canon, from their website… transacted through paypal. I pray to God that I do not have to return my purchase and that it just does what it is supposed to do (because  am tired of shopping around for a while), but if I do, I know canon will work with me… but how would I get the money back if my card number is different? Would it simply remain in my paypal account or something? I can update the card info in paypal and remove the other card (as far as I know)… would it be as simple as that? 


Just asking before I call my bank and wait on hold. I just want to make sure and quit worrying about it. I have numerous items coming in. Most are ow prced, one is certainly not.

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