Negative Balance, $40 return item charge, and $5 non-sufficent funds fee from where?

I usually make online purchases using paypal directly withdrawing money from my bank account for the past 4+ years now, however it seems there wasn’t enough funds deposited into my bank account this time around (not knowing).

So when using paypal to make the payment (not knowing my balance), I got an error, rejecting it giving me a try a different browser clearing cookies generic message.
So I would try again. Repeat this 3 times, still the same result.
Frustrated I would go to the bank and check out what’s wrong.

So I go to the bank they print out my bank statement.
I am in the negative $182.
For some reason paypal is charging me the item cost of $80, plus $40 of an returned item charge, plus an additional $5 for non-sufficient funds fee (bank I think). This happened 3 times or more as I mentioned.
So I deposit some cheques at a teller, which should be instant as its in my bank account this time around.
Sign a deposit record and leave.

Go home, make a payment again for the same item, but STILL same error.
Go on paypal website directly this time, now im in the negative $280.

Im technically paying for the item, paying for a return item charge and an additional non-sufficient funds fee but am not actually getting the product.

I don’t know if this is a bank thing, paypal thing, or the website, but im very confused and frustrated at the moment.
And going back to the same bank branch just at a different location encase the teller made a mistake.

If anyone can help please let me know.
Im feeling sick from all of this.
Why am I being charged $40 for ‘returned item charge’  and who is charging it? Paypal, the website I ordered from or my bank?
Same with the non-sufficent funds fee.
Why if you have a negative balance, when making a payment that paypal not tell you but rather give you an error has occurred try again later, switch to another browser, clear cookies message instead.
Why does paypal(?) charge you multiple times and not send you a message through e-mail indicating this?
What if your account was hacked (not that it was but using it as an example) and used your paypal multiple times to purchase something wouldn’t that negative charge just keep piling up?
If necessary I can provide and upload my bank statement of earlier today Mar 28th, that the teller printed off for me.
A reciept of my deposit of money into my bank account.
As well take a screen shot of my paypal account of the negative balance, after the deposit.

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