Can’t Fill in Money Amount on Send to Family and Friends Screen

I have been paying invoices for purchases regularly, but I haven’t needed to send money to a friend since last June.  The interface has changed.  When I get to the Send to Family and Friends page, what I get is:

  • A box in which to provide the email address of the recipient.
  • A number of buttons which are shortcuts to fill in addresses of persons to whom I’ve sent money before.
  • A large blank space

There is no field in which to indicate a $$ amount.  If I click on Next, I am shown a page which correctly indicates my proposed recipient, and an amount of 0.00 dollars.  I can edit the currency type on this screen, but not the amount.  The only thing left to do is to cancel the transaction.  I have tried this several times over the last few days, but nothing changes.


I can reach a screen which allows me to fill in a recipient and a money amount if I do it before I log in; however, it then asks me (sensibly) to log in and when I do the transaction disappears and I’m back where I started.


Does anyone else experience this?  Do you know what causes this or how it can be resolved?  I have submitted this issue to PayPal support, but have not received a response, so I’m reaching out for help here.

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