Virtual items scam

Hello Paypal Community, I was recently scammed via paypal for a virtual item. It all started when I was looking to buy a CSGO skin, and I see a guy advertising his AWP asiimov. I add him, and we agree on a price of 37USD, becuase he did not have much reputation, I told him I would send half the payment first, so I sent him the payment, and he unfriended me and blocked me. Moments later, I notice he purchases an 18 dollar virtual item and it was sitting in his inventory. SO I’m assuming he spent the money I sent him, and he won’t give me anything in return. I already made a dispute about this to paypal, and called them up a few times, and they said I should wait, but IMHO, I don’t think he will ever send me the item. ALSO, I sent him the money via Goods and Services, so those that make my chances any higher of getting my money back? I mean, I’ve heard that paypal usually sides with the buyer, but I have evidence of this happening. Please help me! Thanks Guys!

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