paypal and bank fraud



Can someone help me please.


last month I was sleeping and when I woke up there was a new payee added to my mobile banking (I got a text from my bank) so I checked my bank and saw 2 payments go from paypal to my bank to another bank totaling to £590 I then checked my paypal and saw there was 2 payments go in from people I didnt know and then was transfered to my bank.


I then called my bank to let them know and they set up a case as someone was using my accounts.


I then called paypal and they said I will be covered.


Now today I have had 3 calls from paypal as they refunded the money back to the peoples paypals accounts as they were also victims of fraud whitch left my paypal account in a – balance of £580, Paypal are telling em I have to pay this money back to them and the bank are telling me they wont pay it back to me as It was never my money.


what do I do I will not pay paypal a penny as once I do they will say Im accepting that I have to pay it back.


Has anyone else had this problem I really need help as paypal really dont want to help me at all.



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