Why Is My Ebay payment didn’t received to me from the buyer?

Whenever I click “print shipping label” a yellow highlight reminder appear above the “purchase print usps postage” it says “Your buyer has not paid for this item yet.
To help make this transaction go smoothly, we recommend that you wait for the buyer to pay before printing the shipping label.& the buyer already confirmed he’d already purchase my item (A PS4) but I do not see the “check out complete or not” symbol & the “paid or not” dollar symbol. What do I do from here?

also do not see a balance on my PayPal Account I was “informed” once you marked your sold items as “shipped” you’ll received the balance from the buyer?
 he also clarified.
“I am not holding funds, They have been deducted. I will like to let you know, it takes 21 days for payment to clear, unless tracking number is added earlier. If my information is not confidential to you, you can call eBay to get this resolved. But I assure you when tracking number is added, the funds will be released. I have went through it myself”
I’m also a new seller What do i do?

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