eBay and PayPal are playing with me. Charged for something I have already paid for automatically.



I would like to ask for suggestions or assistance on how to handle eBay and/or PayPal stealing money from my account.


I will try to explain the situation in an understandible matter.


In August 2015 I sold an Item that costs 59.99GBP. The item was lost in shipping, and the post office reimburced a part of the money to me.

The buyer opened a distpute case, and eBay reinburced him with the money in September, 2015. They tried to charge my card back then for the money, but I did not have it, so the amount was owed in Seller Fees (92 USD).

I paid these seller fees in December, 2015, along with additional fees for the delayed payment on my end. I have cleared my debt and paid the money owed to the buyer.


After that, I just did not feel like using either Paypal or eBay due to these negative experiences.

Now I have started making some money on UpWork, and UpWork sent me the money on my paypal account. 


TWO MINUTES after I received money in my PayPal Wallet, eBay Charged me automatically WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION:



Your account was debited to repay eBay

May 2, 2016 09:49:42 PDT
Dear Georgi Dimitrov,

eBay ruled in favor of the buyer in the dispute case filed with the eBay Resolution Center, and issued a refund of 59.99 GBP to xxx xxx. In an effort to close this dispute quickly for you and the buyer, eBay authorized PayPal to debit your account 59.99 GBP to repay eBay.


Refund date	Aug 28, 2015

That means that now eBay are charging me a SECOND TIME for the 59.99 GBP that I paid in December.

I called eBay IMMEDIATELY, and after 30 minutes forwarding on the phone, I got told rudely that I have to contact PayPal About this.

I called PayPal 3 times, and all of the times they promised me that everything is going to be okay, and that I will receive an E-mail in 2 days. I waited 5 business days, and called them again. I was promised I would have my money within 10 minutes. The weekend passed and my money is still not refunded.

I wrote PayPal because their phone line is closed – AGAIN – and they just basically said that they will not refund the money, and that this is the fees I owe to the Buyer, and I have to contact eBay.

So eBay is saying I have to contact PayPal, and PayPal is saying I have to contact eBay.

And where do my 59.99 GBP that I earned with hard work on UpWork going? 

Could someone with experience with these fraudulent companies steer me in a direction I can take.

If I contact a Lawyer, what do I tell him? Do I even have a shot at getting my stolen 59.99 GBP Again?

I would be extremely grateful for some insight.


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