Card denied by the card issuer; I want to add Paypal balance as a primary payment option


I have a problem with my payment for an item. I won an auction for a Samsung camera, but when I wanted to pay at the checkout, I got the following message:

“We’re sorry, but your transaction couldn’t be completed using the selected card, Visa x-xxxx. This happened because it has been denied by the card issuer.” I called my bank, and they said that I have an incomplete funds on my credit card. But I also have money on my Paypal ballance, so I want to use this Paypal ballance as a primary option for paying and credit card as the backup solution.

Also, the only payment method that is shown on checkout is credit card, but, as I said, I want to pay with my Paypal balance first (and to complete funds with my Visa credit card if needed, as is usual practice). There is an option for adding another method alongside a credit card, but then they only let me to add another credit card, and I don’t want to, I want that my Paypal balance be my primary option for payment.

I really want to resolve this quickly so can anyone please help me? I want to add a Paypal balance option as a primary payment option and to make it really function like that and not causing any problems in the future.

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