Safety receiving private payment


I’m selling a car and I’ve accepted a payment from the buyer. He’ll be travelling from his home in Northern Ireland to collect the car from my home in England. There is no ebay involved in this sale, just private. His communication has been good and his address is stated on the transaction as in NI. Also, is stated ‘Non US – verified’J. His email address seems strange. It has ‘paypal’ and the ‘at sign’ his name and then (the usual but rhymes with ho dot hu k)

The payment is instant.

At the bottom, it states, ‘


Please be aware that your payment can still be reversed, (e.g. if it is subject to a chargeback), even after you have sent the item to your buyer. Complying with PayPal’s Seller Protection and following the trading guidelines on our Security page helps to protect you from things like chargebacks.’


Do I need to be concerned that this man could in any way drive off with the car and then reverse the payment somehow?

Advice much appreciated.

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