Useless tech support.

Please go to to confirm your credit card before you complete this purchase.


Why do I need such a support, which can only be advised to “clear the cache”?

What am I supposed to do?

ps I’m almost ready to delete my account.


Corresponded with technical support per week. I have performed all that they asked.

Now. I tried 2 ISP, 2 computer (PC, MacBook) and 1 Iphone, 5 browsers (Chrome, IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari). Tried applications for IOS.

I clean the cache of course – a favorite advice of technical support.

Change password, changed questions / answers. Tied ebey and PayPal accounts. Add and remove the card.

I tried to buy at different times, different products.

And I found myself, that is the limit – I bought a cable for $ 2 when I tried to buy a display of 18 – 20, I got an error (each time during this week, I tried 40 times from different vendors). I wrote all of this in support. And I got the answer …


While I am unable to override or manually change the security settings, I can give you advice on the steps you can take to reduce the chances that our internal security system will impact any future payments.

  • Clear your cache and cookies or try a different web browser
  • Ensure that you are using a trusted device such as your laptop, home PC or mobile device and that no VPN or proxy is active
  • Change your password and security questions


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