Mystery $1.51 charge.



Does anyone know what this “mystery” $1.51 paypal charge may be?


Please bare in mind that the paypal account, & visa card are setup as New Zealand (my location) but my store is set to US dollars. I know this is a US community forum but hoping there may be an expert here as ufnortunately there isnt realy any great forums for paypal NZ.


So I have recentelly created a store and wanted to test out some “live” payments from my shop front, despite me being the owner of the store this is irrelivant as I am purchasing just like every other buyer would.


Everytime I make a purchase via pay with debit or credit card (using paypal) my visa card is charged the correct amount after currecy conversion which shows up as its own transaction on my statement correctly & also an additional charge shows up on my visa card as Paypal $1.51. Now I have purchased 2 considerable different value items and each time I have recieved the charge of $1.51. It may be possible this charge will “bounce back” into my account but I as yet can not confirm this. It is not a bank fee as the charge is stated as “Paypal” and I have confirmed the charge has not be initated by my bank.


Any idea what this may be at all? I do not wish for my customers to recieve this additional “charge” every time they purchase an item from me.


Thank you

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