Setting up Paypal for automatic ebay payments, requiring me to add a 2nd card

I’ve been using ebay and paypal for years, as a buyer and occasional seller.  About a month ago I removed paypal as an automatic payment method for ebay, long story but I thought ebay was going to erroneously charge me fees for something.  Mistake!  (Maybe this is revenge?):


Now I want to sell something, and in the process of setting the required automatic payment method for ebay, I selected paypal again.  The process logs me into paypal, then requires that I add a credit card.  I already have a bank account and credit card linked or whatever in my paypal account, but I can’t complete the ebay listing because as I said the process is requiring me to add a credit card.  This is either an error, or an attempt just to get more credit card info on there.  I’m not near any limits, the card is an eBay sponsored mastercard which is current and which I have continuously used for years, and I take care of that card on the paypal site.  Often the credit card bill is paid by my paypal balance, but when too low it is automatically paid from my bank account.  So why is paypal and/or ebay requiring a new or different card?


I actually tried entering in the information on the existing mastercard, but it returned with errors.  Seems like I either am forced to add a second credit card into paypal, or to go back and select a credit card for ebay’s automatic payment instead of paypal.


Any help or advice is appreciated!

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