eBay purchase not received – PayPal payment as guest



I’ve made a purchase on eBay on 27/06/2016 and paid on the same day using my bank card on PayPal, although I checked out as guest rather than through my usual account.


I have not received the item and it is now way past the estimated date to receive it. I have tried opening a claim through eBay but it has told me that since I checked out as guest, I will have to do it through PayPal.


I have messaged PayPal about this and got asked to file it through the account (not possible, no idea what transaction ID is) or to ring them. Due to health problems I can’t at the moment speak on the phone so I can’t ring them. I’ve sent another message but just got asked to ring once again.

From what I’ve read in this forum it is possible to sort this out via email so please advise me on what to do.

Thank you!

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