authorization code (or) transaction code (or) approval code…


I have one that has customer support stumped.  

I’ve called twice and both experienced 15yrs+ combined have no clue what i’m talking about.  


I am looking at the opposite linking.  I want to have my PayPal Business Debit linked with a vendor (on file for use.)

They require for security purposes that in addition to all my regular documentation, IDs, etc… this one final piece that ONLY PayPal can provide.  Yet know one at PayPal so far knows that this even exists.  


However, each of us see it any time we get a receipt.  At the bottom there is a SEQ#, AUTH#, Transaction Code, etc.. 


it is 6 char {A-Z0-9} and it is industry standard for all transactions made using a card.  

I know that PayPal uses TransactionIDs but surely someone has come across this one before.  Surely.  

It’s industry standard for these items to be sent along with the transaction for various purposes.


NOTE  – I am not linking INTO PayPal.  

I am trying to link my PayPal Business Debit with a merchant/vendor/supplier, etc. for verified and on file use.  

They are based in UK.  But makes no difference. 


Any ideas how to figure this out?  I’ve had customer support read back to me everything they see on the screen, and nothing is close to this.  Which leads me to believe I need access to a DBA in PayPal to query the tables!!!! I know it exists.  The temporary transaction couldn’t exist without these standard elements.  


This may seem generic in part, but this is simply due to the fact that if you can understand above, you will know how to respond.  

Thanks for any insight.  

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