pending in credit card but doesn’t show in PayPal

Hi all, I’ve searched the forum and didn’t find a solution, nor a similar probelm. If any of you out there knows about a similar post,or a solution, please point me towards it. So: I went into my paypal and tried to send money to a seller, by using his e-mail. I’m 99,9% sure misspelling was not the problem since I checked and rechecked). I didnt have funds so I added a new Visa card, and I ‘think’ I finished the transaction. But I didn’t go check. I sent an email to the seller saying it was completed and went to sleep. Today the seller replies, saying that he did not receive the money. My PayPal account doesn’t show the transfer. I checked my credit card extract, and the value is there as ‘pending’. I went back to my paypal account and ‘verified’ that new card I am using. But my payment is still ‘pending’ (the funds are locked in my credit card) and nothing is showing in my paypal account related to this operation. Anyone can explain me what’s going on? Thanks a million

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