Error while making transaction and charged anyway

Today I made a transaction and when I went to go finish the payment I got an error at the top of my screen notifying me that the PayPal system was having issues with certain payment methods and when I went to check my bank account it showed that I was charged the money that I was intending to spend with the transaction but the thing is that the transaction is nowhere to be found on my account and the recipient never got it either. I called customer service and they said to just wait it out and see if it shows up but I don’t see how that would be possible seeing as how I never was able to finish the process without making the payment multiple times while still getting the error. Is there any way that I can get a refund for this if I provide some sort of prood that the payment was made and the money was taken from my bank account? Or did I just lose money for no reason other than a flaw in PayPal’s system?

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