When a customer tries to pay – error PAYER_CANNOT_PAY

We have deployed successfully Paypal on our website. All it worked well when tested in a sandbox. However, when we went in live version we get an error when a customer tries to pay.
Is the error:
{“name”:”PAYER_CANNOT_PAY”,”message”:”The combination of payer and payee settings mean that this buyer can’t pay this seller.”,”information_link”:”https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/docs/api/#PAYER_CANNOT_PAY”,”debug_id“:”…”}

How do I resolve this? Does anyone know what causes this? So far I am unable to see what can cause this or reproduce it in my tests.
Here are the steps taken:
1 – We create a payment object using the REST API and redirect the user to the Approval link
2 – The customer goes to paypal and enters the desired payment information
3 – Our success return URL gets called after the customer completes everythin on the paypal side
4 – We execute the payment and had response with this error

Thank you for response!

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