How do I change tracking no. for a shipping label that I voided & then shipped from PO?

The old no. is still there on PayPal….I had entered wrong info re: package weight in my listing, & when I printed a shipping label on PayPal, it came out way too expensive. I voided that label & could not figure out how to make a new label, so I mailed the package from PO & got a tracking no. I think I have to manually put the new tracking number on my order at PayPal, but I can’t see how to do it and the money says that its recieved but I haven’t actually got anything on paypal. The voided tracking number is still there. Any help is much appreciated , I’m worried paypal will just be confused about the situation and keep my money. I was supposed to recieve the money to day (after 21 days or so) it says recieved but nothing…

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