PayPal Gifts error when attempting to purchase iTunes Gift Card Code

I hae no idea where I should have posted this in, so if it is in the wrong location, can someone please move it?


Recently, I have been trying to purchase a $25 iTunes gift code on PayPal Gifts using my PayPal Credit. Everytime I attempt to complete the transaction, it comes up with the following error:


“Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time.

Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay.”


The only option I am given is to return to the PayPal Gifts homepage. This happens every time I attempt to purchase the gift code. I have also tried inputting a custom amount(Like a $40 iTunes Gift Card), but it also fails. I have not verified my current phone number because it is a home phone, and cannot recieve texts. I do not have a credit card and a bank account linked to my PayPal Account. However, I am able to make purchases elsewhere using my PayPal Credit(Like a Rank on a Minecraft server called Mineverse).


I have also not purchased any other gift card codes from PayPal gifts in the past, but people have gifted me iTunes gift card codes before to my email address.


I have had two phone numbers associated to my account, one of them being my Friend’s cellphone number which I temporarily used until I got my home phone. The second phone number is my home phone, which as I stated before, cannot recieve texts.


I have tried literally everything I could have thought of, so can someone please tell me what is going on and how I can solve it?

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