Sent Money Transaction not showing up in my account

4 days ago I was sent $100 to my Paypal account, but it hasn’t showed up in my account yet. I verified with the person that sent it that they had my correct e-mail address associated with the transaction. Prior to the transaction taking place I did have my bank account approved to receive payments. I was thinking maybe because the approval had literally just taken place maybe there was a delay in receiving the money. And here I sit 4 days later and still nothing. I have contacted PayPal customer service twice about this, and have received no response (“GREAT” customer service!) The money is to go towards a silent auction item at my work for the United Way, and now I’m concerned that money is lost forever. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? If so, how was it resolved? Everything on the other person’s end is showing the money was sent to me. 

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