Why does a simple One-Click checkout Paypal transaction end up being charged to Paypal Credit

On June 30th 2016 I made three Paypal Puchases, 2 and 3 being related, just coming from different suppliers.


Transaction one went through as normal, a simple one click checkout.  Item 2, despite clicking Paypal was instead charged to Paypal Credit, value $7.99 believe it or not.. Item 3, second item to complete order 2, back to a normal Paypal. Simple checkout.


I have used Paypal Credit in the past,  it’s not a one click checkout as Paypal is.  It requires a SS Number and an acceptance of terms.  Neither of which was asked for.


I do not check Statements for what should be a simple Paypal charge to my bank for funding and yes, I was currently in a position at the time to make 500 of these transactions without kickback from the bank. The next thing I know, is I’m being charged $14.99 for a late payment charge.


Trying to get to the bottom of this is like trying to retrieve blood from a stone, automated replies to not cut it nor does “you made a Paypal Credit transaction”.  I asked to see the signed acceptence of terms if that is the case.  No result, just ignored.


I don’t like running up late payment, interest charges at any time, For something costing $7.99 is just plain ridiculus.  I won’t be using PayPal again until this is rectified as it can’t be trusted.  I just bought a new central air AC Unit over $2000. Needless to say I didn’t use Paypal  but paid an extra $100 over what was quoted on Paypal to be safe.


I am not amused at Paypal

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