PayPal display email instead of username?

Hello, I have recently bumped into a little problem with my PayPal account and when I receive money.


I have tried browsing websites and the PayPal community for a while but no posts have seemed to have helped me.
What I need help with is trying to find out if it is possible to display my email rather than my name when I receive money on PayPal? This due to me having a very uncommon name and I do not want my personal information such as address being disclosed easily to others unless it is 100% necessary.


I’ve seen many people be suggested to upgrade to a “Business Account” but the only problem is I am NOT a business so this would not be a possibility for me and would eventually lead to me having to provide documents which I do not have to unlock my PayPal account. Is there a way to just display email when I receive payments or even completely hide my name when receiving payments?

If anyone staff/community could help me try to fix this it would be much appreciated!





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