REST API – description field not populating

We are attempting to use the REST API to submit direct credit card sales.  For some reason, when we send the “description”, it never populations the desription field.  


We actually use two different accounts and get different results from each.  On one account, the description that we send ends up in the Item Title field… but the description seems to be a default description from PayPal:


Description:   Betty Buyer has just sent you $1.00 USD with PayPal


On the other account, we get the same result in the description field.  However, there is no Item Title field at all.


Here is what I am sending in cURL (step 2 of 3… after we get the Access Token:


curl.exe -v "" ^
-H "Content-Type: application/json" ^
-H "Authorization: Bearer A102.XKTajQGXv4X-A3YyY1_rLdtIldFlJIcR5oQo2rdiMyickGMTWJJlutpXwGGW8nlz.EDpsnZduEgsOkh6wEGiX9MNuBab" ^
-d "{"intent":"sale","payer":{"payment_method":"credit_card","funding_instruments":[{"credit_card":{"number":"4xxxxxxxxxxx1111","type":"visa","expire_month":"05","expire_year":"2020","first_name":"Betty","last_name":"Buyer"}}]},"transactions":[{"amount":{"total":"1.00","currency":"USD"},"description":"1234"}]}"

When we use this with read data, the payment goes thru…. everything seems in order except this description field.


Is this something we are doing wrong?  Or is this on PayPal’s end?


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