How to change Paypal currency conversion @ checkout ?

Hello, everybody.


I’m just a regular Joe, buying & selling on Ebay. I do more buying than selling – and i’m a member since 2011.


There is this strange behaviour of the Paypal / Ebay checkout system. In the past, i used to see an on-screen option in which Ebay / Paypal would allow me to select my preferred currency conversion option. For example, if i buy something in US $ (USD) and my card account is in Romanian LEI (RON) i can either use Paypal’s conversion and get invoiced in RON or get invoiced in USD and the conversion will be made with Masterdard’s / Visa’s conversion. Paypal’s conversion is around 5% higher that Mastercard’s and i always chose to pay using the card issuer’s conversion – because it’s to my advantage.


The point is i used to have a choice. Now i do not. Let me explain…

This is how the old checkout boxes used to look like :



And this happened when i clicked “Other conversion options” :



This allowed to choose the conversion option – and PayPal actually remembers it, each time i use that card.


Now, the new dialog looks like this :



… and there’s no more option to choose what currency exchange to use, anymore :




As you can see, all my cards are listed – old ones and new ones. The ones where i could do the currency exchange switch in the past, still.. work the old way – i’m billed in the foreign currency and i get the card issuer’s exchange rate – even if i get this new dialogues.


However, if i pay with a newly added card and the above dialogue pops up, i pay at paypal’s exchange rate and i don’t get a choice, anymore.


I think this is unfair… the options to choose the conversion rate used to be available in the old Paypal account interface too – but, since they switched to this new, fancy, giant button & heavy multimedia loaded interface, that option quitely dissapeared…. and no-one seems to know anything about it.


How about you – have you encountered something similar ?

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