Prepaid Card problems

So I bought this MasterCard prepaid PayPal card so I could buy 1 $20 item online, and now it’s doing stupid stuff, as always.


I’ll get this out of the way – I’m 16. I was allowed to buy the card.


I tried activating on PayPal to buy *one* thing. Nope! Please verify with social security blah blah blah… Not old enough. I check the box, “Primary account holder must be 18 or over”. Great. Why do they allow me to waste my money instead of putting an age restriction in order to buy it? Now I have a useless card I paid $24 dollars for that has $20 on it. Can’t use it. I didn’t exactly have time on my way home to read all of the fine print, which I suppose is my fault. 


Any fixes for this or did I just waste my money?

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