Refund won’t process: cannot use/remove Card

I made a purchase on a website, and it appeared that the payment did not go through. I reviewed the payment and saw that it went through my bank account linked to my PayPal. Since I was not charged, I felt safe trying a payment again. However, after I made the second payment, both payments appeared in my statements. I tried to get both refunded for both purchases, and I was. However now one of the payments is still listed under pending, and I cannot view the details. I also was unable to try making a purcahse for a third time, and then I noticed the second 67.28 had not been re-added to my card yet. This is a picture of the paypal statements Imgur. I tried removing my card, and it wouldn’t let me do that. It also would not let me update my billing address. Not sure how to move foward at this point.

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