Sending money to another paypal account in another country


I recently created PayPal and I have a problem sending money to another paypal account.


I live in Germany, I have a bank account in german bank and paypal balance is 0.00‎€.

I added my bank account on PayPal and it seems ok and it says ‘Bank confirmed’. I tried to send money to my brother’s paypal account (he lives and have paypal account in Serbia). I click ‘Send money to friends and family’, enter his email address, enter the amount of money I want to send and when I click the button Send Money Now it indicates me to add a funding source. When I click that button ‘Please add funding source’ a new window pops up where I need to add a card (visa, mastercard etc.). 

Why is that happening? I thought that paypal should widthdraw money automatically from my bank acc. if I don’t have money on paypal balance? 



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