Can’t access money in Paypal account and forced to use a credit card

As of the last month and a half when I want to buy something on eBay, say a BIN, I sign into my Paypal account, click on Paypal (to pay with money in the account) and I get a square with a spinning circle in it. It just keeps spinning and will do that till I back out and then check off ” pay with credit card = then I can buy the item. I called Paypal and the lady did say see has a notice of the issue. I think, at least for me, it has killed many sales since many do not want to have to use their card when they have more then enough money on hand, in paypal to buy the items. For me, I make a sale and take the money out and put it in my bank account and buy nothing. I think this is a reason why many are not buying and our sales are near DOA. 

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