eBay non delivery

I purchased 10 items from the same seller who was selling off someone else’s collection over a few day period. The seller combined two of my items and shipped them a week later via USPS and they arrived fine. I then heard from the seller very concerned that she had sent the wrong items to the wrong buyers promising to pay return shipping if all was returned. I notified seller I got the right items. Seller then said there was going to be some delay with my order. I assume that meant some or most of the rest of the items I purchased went to the wrong people. A full month later after repeated requests to be patient I received two more items leaving me still short six items. For my patience she let me pick four from her still unshipped eight remaining items, but that still left me short three expensive items. She claimed she sent them and had a June 20 USPS receipt showing delivery to my locked mail box. The receipt was invalid as was the alternative she provided. By then too late to get a refund from eBay so had to escalate to PayPal. She submitted the original USPS receipt for the first items she shipped and PayPal dropped my case. I had to call PayPal and they verified the receipt provided did not match the amount paid so are finally reopening the case. Hopefully, I will at least get my money back. I would much rather have he items as they were poorly advertised and I won with bids for about one third of normal prices. Now wait and see. The morals of the story are tough. One combined package and single payment to a seller in a short time and always do a follow up call if the automated systems don’t work… 

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