Filing Fraudulent Activity

Alright so here is a long story short. My friend was selling an item and need to use my ebay to sell said item. Well the item sold and the money was deposited into my paypal account. So I gave them my card info and they took the money off and we called it a day. Well turns out the item that they sold the buyer was defective and the buyer asked for a refund. We told him no and then he filed a claim. He won it in the end and now my paypal is $-400+ in the red. So I told my friend that they needed to pay back when they owed cause I now have paypal and their collection agency blowing up my phone wonder where their money is. My friend said they are doing their best to come up with the money. It’s been almost 2 months now and I have yet to see a single dime of what they owe me. So now I’m trying to file a fraudulent transaction but I dint know how to go about it. What all should I do? And what are the steps I should take? They don’t take what they want and **bleep** me over when the tides turn. I dint care one bit to take them down and get what I’m owed before they attack my credit.

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