Pay for shipping using PayPal & create aibill via PayPal?

I’ve searched online how to create a USPS airbill via PayPal then pay for the shipping with PayPal and found this page:


PayPal Shipping Center Simplify Your Shipping With PayPal

PayPal offers a free, convenient and easy way to take care of your shipping needs with a variety of helpful shipping tools – with no hidden fees.

After you receive a payment, click the Print Shipping Label button on your Account Overview or History page to access the shipping tools.


But these instructions I believe are referring to the ‘Classic’ site of PayPal. I can’t find anything called Account Overview or History.


All I want to do is avoid going to the Post Office every time I need to ship something to someone who has paid me in advance for shipping items to them. I drive there, use the USPS self serve machine to calculate shipping, drive home, notify them of the cost, they pay me via PayPal & then I ship using my own money while I wait for the money I was paid to be deposited into my bank account from PayPal. In this day & age there has to be a more efficient way to do this all via PayPal….isn’t there?




St Paul, MN

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