Why is it that I am told the funds ARE released every 60 DAYS, but when I look for the TRANSACTION of the funds being placed BACK INTO my paypal account I never receive notification? 


I am supposed to take you at your word that you are indeed placing MY MONEY back into my paypal account, BUT I have yet to receive ONE notification of ANY SUCH transaction…



This has been going on for a very long time with paypal, and I am not sure how this oragnization does business this way and gets away with such mediocrity to be quite honest.


1) Paypal controls MY MONEY as if it is theirs.


2) I have NEVER been treated by a BANK, OR THE GOVERNMENT, as bad as I am treated with Paypal.


3) I have yet to receive ANY interest on the funds for which you are holding for 60 DAYS! – This money could have been used to purchase more equipment, or BETTER YET, it could actually be invested into something such as a roth ira where it would indeed be accruing interest!


I have been trying to close my account with this organization for nearly 6 months now, it is a joke that I am stuck using your services because 75-80% of my clients use paypal as a means of paying for their purchases. 



In all honesty, I for one am very surprised that a supposedly “PROFESSIONAL” organization is run this poorly.





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