Why was Ebay not able to process my PayPal payment?

I placed an Ebay order today and paid with PayPal.  I did not have enough funds in my Paypal account and so in addition to PayPal funds, $3 was pulled from my bank account to pay for my order.


Shortly afterward, I received an email from PayPal with my PayPal payment receipts.


All five of the items said “Payment status: COMPLETED”


At 9:29pm, I received an email from Ebay saying they were not able to process payment for one or more of my items and that I should return to my cart and check out again.  I returned to Ebay to find all 5 of the items I had previously bought sitting in my cart.  

I then went into my PayPal account to find that only ONE of the items was refunded back to me.  I didn’t receive a refund for the rest of my items nor did I find the $3 back in my bank account.   


I simply do not understand what went wrong as I had all the money to pay for my order.  Why was my order cancelled and why was only 1 item refunded?

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