eBay buyer paid money to me via PayPal and the money is not in my PayPal balance

I sold an item on eBay 090716. I shipped the item 090816, because eBay and PayPal showed that I had received payment from the buyer into my PayPal account. As of 090816, at 10:45 AM Eastern, I cannot transfer the money to my bank, because PayPal does not show that I have the money on my Summary or Activity page, although the transaction is visible; it does not show in my balance. I contacted PayPal around 0900 Eastern time 090816, and the representative said I could get my money in 24-48 hours and to call back if it was still not available. I asked if I was the only PayPal member experiencing this problem and they said, “no.” 


I’m almost certain I looked and saw the money in my balance on the Summary page before I shipped the item and paid for it with PayPal Credit, but when went back after paying for the shipping and printing my label, the balance on the Summary page was $0.

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