Buyer refunded but refuse to return the item by some reason!

Hello there!

I sold expensive item on eBay for 6300$! After buyer received the item he immediatly opens dispute on PayPal for (Item not described, fake or counterfeit) … and he leave me negative feedback without even contacting me! 
So I know my item is not fake but OK no problem I try to contact him few times he didn’t answer me at all and I was in the mood “OK I will refund him and he will return my item … no problem” there is only 10 days from PayPal to make a decision and I clicked on “Fully Refund the Buyer and the Buyer will return the item after he ships it and it said Delivered” or something like that … and Paypal assure me that they will put the money on hold until I receive the item!
But there is a LOT of members who claim that isn’t the deal and many buyers are refunded and keeping the item at the same time! 
I still try to contact the buyer trough email and ebay, but there is no answer at all …

Currently the case status is – “Awaiting other party’s response”

So I’m a bit scared of the consequences what will happened next!

So there is my questions:
What will happened if buyer never ships my item back?

How many time he has to respond to the case?

What I’m gonna do If I receive other item but not mine? *how can I even proove it …


Thank you! Smiley Happy

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