PayPal Is Taking My Money

PayPal limited my account & was asking for information that I didn’t have like a TIN or EIN number. I don’t have those things because what I do is not an actual business. I just sell beats from my house. The only reason I have a business account is because PayPal opened a similar case like this a month back & said if I want my account on good standing grounds I should upgrade to a business account (which I did because PayPal would not let me use it without upgrading). & now they are telling me provide all of this business information that I don’t have. When they limited my account they froze my balace & held all the money transferring to my bank account & the funds will probably not be released until I sumbit all of the information I don’t have. If that is the case I just want to downgrade my account again because this is truly ridiculous. PayPal or someone please help me!

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