Paypal shows old address as “confirmed” still.

I recently moved across the country, i updated my paypal address and deleted my old one. If i delete it, it should mean that it’s no longer associated to my account and definitely shouldn’t be confirmed. It means someone else is probably living there now who isn’t me, this should be pretty much common sense.


Yet, today i placed an order on ebay and ebay has multiple addresses to deal with, i changed the registration address which is apparently meaningless, because it’s neither the billing or shipping address, which are two other separate addresses that i didn’t change since i didn’t realize i had to since i assumed it only mattered what was on my paypal account. But, now the order i placed could potentially ship to the old address if the seller doesn’t cancel the order. This is an address which isn’t supposed to be associated to my paypal account, yet in the paypal order confirmation, it shows the old address as a “confirmed” shipping address.


Why would this possibly be allowed to happen? Why would some random address on ebay trump my one and only address on paypal? Why would an old address which doesn’t appear anywhere on my paypal account during the time of placing the order not only be used, but still be considered a “confirmed” address?



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