Waiting for pending deposit from family who used pp credit card to send me $$$$$$

So like the five times before this time, the deposit ALWAYS was IN my account AVAILABLE within one to two business days.

my sister sent the money LAST WEEKEND because I need to pay for a prescription for my son and buy groceries 


guess what???

they give me the same speech every time I call, keep checking they’re working on the issue.


ummmm too bad the grocery store won’t accept that huh. 


Thanks for making life extra hard, 

thanks for doing nothing 

and most of all thanks For making sure my kids have food.

you guys are **bleep** holes. 

Two deposits of $300 on September 5th


still waiting 


and the people who answer at CS, oh I understand the frustration,

oh really??

no, no you don’t or you’d actually fix the problem


meanwhile my kids won’t eat until the money posts. 

We are going to get evicted if I don’t get a payment of $100 postmarked by Sunday.

thanks for that too




never again. #paypalstolemymoney #paypalglitch


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