Why can’t I send money from my PayPal balance?

This is just getting to be ridiculous. Why does everybody act like “PayPal” is its’ own entity, with a mind of its own or something? If I have money currently available in my PayPal balance, and I go to “Send Money” as “Friends and Family” then I should have the option the USE that balance! There should be absolutely no reason why I have to send money from my attached bank account or debit card when there is perfectly good money sitting in my available balance! My transactions keep defaulting to “Goods and Services” no matter which method I try: paypal.com, PayPal Mobile App for iOS, PayPal Mobile App for Android, m.paypal.com, not a single one of them is any different! And to be perfectly honest calling the PayPal hotline doesn’t give any help whatsoever. I swear everybody employed at PayPal is only concerned with shoving you off to the next person because they really have no intention of ACTUALLY figuring out your problem! Ever tried the Help & Contact section? Ever spent 20 minutes typing up, in great detail, the EXACT issues you may be facing, only to get the automated bot response in your email that tells you the same basic **bleep** that the last 50 people you talked to have advised? “Clear your cache and cookies”, “Try rebooting your computer”, “Try it again in 24-48 hours”… NONE of these are appropriate answers that fix anything with their broken system! I have had a friend waiting on me to send them money since I woke up this morning and now, 12 hours later, I’m STILL facing the exact same problem as when I woke up! If I have $30 in my balance and I go to send that $30 to my friend, why does PayPal insist on defaulting to only letting me send the payment from my bank account?!?! My bank account has absolutely nothing to do with any of this! I have the money at this very moment! I’m seriously getting tired of PayPal and all their games they play. And don’t even get me started on eBay lol 

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