Can not withdraw to bank account

Hi,  I have been trying for a week now to withdraw funds from my paypal to my bank. I can choose paypal, choose bank, choose amount to withdraw, click continue then all I get is the page loading wheel. I have tried on other computers so it isn’t my computer. I have tried contacting paypal, I have emailed & I tried to phone but none of the automated choices were my problem. I also contacted them through facebook but have received nothing back. The only response I have had was an email in very poor English asking me to click on a link in the email to withdraw my funds, email contained my full name & details & seemed to be from paypal however I really did not want to click on a link in an email to withdraw funds. I forwarded this email to paypal spoof but have had no reply as to whether it is real or not. Can anyone help as this is my business so my bills ect need paying & I can not access my own money. Thanks.

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