Ordered iPhone through PayPal credit – Apple can’t verify (my up to date) details on PayPal

Hello people, hoping somebody can be of some assistance before I give PayPal a call 


I preordered the new iPhone last Friday, and chose to purchase through monthly instalments on PayPal credit. 


I received an an email from Apple stating they cannot verify my PayPal details, yet all my details on here are 100% up to date – it even says so on my account overview. 


Here is is a part of the email for reference:

“We are ready to process your order but we have encountered an authorisation issue. To prevent any further delay to your order, please log into your PayPal account to ensure all your details have been updated and are correct.

Your order will only be processed once we have obtained an authorisation on your account.”


I am hoping to get this resolved as the email also warns that if they cannot rectify this issue within 6 days, the transaction will be cancelled. 


Thanks for your time 



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