Total Holds/Preauths !?!?!?

I was sending paypal money from my prepaid master card to my brothers paypal account for his birthday. After realizing i sent the wrong amount i just went ahead and cancled the transaction. Now on paypal it says i have be refunded the full amount to my account but it does not show up in my paypal balance and is not in my prepaid card. On my card statement it says i have 1 Total Holds/Preauths  and it  says this, (These holds will be removed automatically from your account after the merchant completes the sale or voids the transaction. Please note that holds may appear on your account for up to 7-10 business days.) Now how can i complete/void the purchase? (Since i have access to both accounts with help of my brother) Also If i dont complete or void the transaction will my money show up after 7-10 days? (it is a pretty good amount of money and im very worried i wont get it back)

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