no information at all!!!

i recently commited to pay for an item from seller “ceinstructor”..but then i asked for a cancellation from the seller..seller didnt reply so i went ahead and made the payment via paypal (changed my mind).

got no tracking number (ordered internationally)..contantly messaged the seller but no reply… after 5-6 hours i opened up ebay and it says the listing is removed.. then i search for the seller and he is no more  part of Ebay.

started a request about that order at the community (got no replies)..

now when i select the option get help for an order  i select my item and it says that you are not buying or selling this item..

after a day the seller is again part of ebay but no replies..i also emailed him on the email id i got from paypal but no response..

please help!!

either give me a refund or shipping status and correct the information on my account..

get the seller to contact me!!

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